DIY Origami Book Video

Sometimes a computer cleanup yields interesting memories and useful information.  

I found this video from my time in China, and a workshop I did in Szechuan Provence with Emma Chen making origami books with children in a village there in 2009.  

I make these books a lot, collaging the insides and out.  The workshop for these books includes a writing component that can be customized to the grade or subject being taught or done in a freeform/self expressive style, art-speak for whatever you want to include!

The photos from the workshop show you the conditions that children and families will go to have art experiences.  We had probably 50 children in a small room, using their plastic stools as tables, and drawing with ball point pens and sharing a few colored pencils between them.  Everyone was excited to participate, and parents simply watched and enjoyed seeing their children making books.  If you notice - there is one child with an injured hand making a book.  He had burned his arm really badly in a cooking fire (a common injury there).  He completed his book and helped others complete theirs.  At the end of the workshop we were urged to 'give a prize' for the best one.  Of course we gave the prize to him - his work was beautiful and his spirit tremendous.