Jan 292016

Here are a few photos from the fabulous sale at the Gite Gallery the weekend before Christmas.  Met many wonderful people and had great sales!

Every sale event teaches me about what work speaks to people, sizes and price points.  I like to think of a sales event as an opportunity to study and interact with art lovers.


Lloyd Gite and Trena Acker-Williams at the Gite Gallery hung my work for the weekend before Christmas in two rooms of the Gallery, as well as laid out on a couch and table in the main room.  The response was tremendous – 8 quilts and 9 small pieces/quilted journal books in 3 days.

I very much enjoyed meeting art enthusiasts, quilters, and artists.  The Gite Gallery is a beautiful space with kind, interesting people, good food and conversation.  Stop by if you live in Houston or just visiting.


Our first sale!  I learned that framed work has a distinct appeal to collectors.  The next show (probably in April) will feature more “Ready to hang” work.