Nov 062015


Not Just Him, 2014

Dimensions: 28″W x 36.5″ L

Materials:  artist dyed fabric, discharged fabric, machine quilting, machine quilt drawing and beading embellishment

I made this piece thinking about Nelson Mandela, and how many people demonstrated for a free South Africa.  I wanted to consider the people who did political and revolutionary work at great personal cost with no recognition.  I wanted to remember standing in the cold with a candle, feeling like the world could change.






Not Just Him, detail.  The faces are a discharged adinkra stamp of the symbol Nyame biribi wo soro, which means “God is in the Heavens.”  I like to use it as a base for faces.  Each face in the piece is sew-drawn over the stamp.  I draw with the sewing machine.  This isn’t drawing and then sewing over the drawing!  I draw with the machine.


DSC_0268Not just Him detail.

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