Nov 022015



Colors of the Heart, 2014

Dimensions: 34.5″ W x 57″ L

Hand dyed, painted and printed fabric, Ghanaian fabric, Chinese lace, metallic thread.

This piece started out as a tribute to Lois Mailou Jones, one of my black art “she-roes”.  In the end, the work describes how I feel about colors, about dyeing the colors I want for all my pieces, and about how art is barely contained inside me.

The background is entirely machine quilted in metallic threads using my trusty Bernina 1230 – a thirty year old home sewing machine.  Not everything needs a computer.


Colors of the heart

Colors of the heart

The face and hands are separate ‘mini-quilts’ that are appliqued on to the top before the whole piece is quilted.

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