Nov 022015

Dream Stand-in Series: Gwen Lester’s Dreamscape, 2014

Dimensions: 28.5  W x 33″L

The background is  fabric I painted with dye and the photo is of my father’s paternal cousin Gwen Lester at about 4 years old.  In this series I take the individual out of the family photo and place them in scenery where they would never imagine.  The series is “Dream Stand-ins” because I do not dream, or at least I do not remember my dreams.  The art ‘stands-in’ for the dreams I would like to have.

gwen dream


The photo is printed in black and white on habotai sheer silk.  The yellow in Gwen’s coat is a piece of yellow silk behind the photo.  You can click on the title to see the companion piece, Sammy Lester’s Dreamscape.  You can also see the original photo here




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