Beginning Again

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Oct 022015

Back from China

As of this year, my family has returned to the US from Shanghai via Kingston, Jamaica.  Its been a challenging transition with new skills to be learned and new routines to manage.  We have weathered many storms and I am confident I am ready for the next step in my artistic life!

Creating an art business

This shift in priorities means I must change the focus of my website from travel log to portfolio/calendar/e-commerce and process photos.   This is a process with a steep learning curve.   With the help of tutorials and a lot of patience, this month I begin revamping my website to focus on the 50+ pieces of new art work from the past few years.

A little gallery

I will be scheduling art fairs, gallery/show venues and workshops.  I will add access to my current portfolio with excellent photos, sizes, dates and prices.  I will add photos and videos of workshops and art processes I use to make my art.

Bear with me, stay tuned and email me with any suggestions.

Art is for life.