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Rest Here Now

Rest Here Now, Bahama Series, 2009

Dimensions: 24″ W x 30″ L

Artist dyed and printed cotton, linen.  Machine quilted, hand beaded and embellished.


Rest Here Now, detail

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Palm Plait Dreaming

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Nov 202015



Palm Plait Dreaming, 2009

Dimensions: 22″ W x 32″L

Artist dyed and rusted fabric, Peruvian cotton, antique napkin, Bahamian palm plait.  Machine quilted.

This piece is from the Collection “Half the story has never been told” that I made during a year long project making art quilts alongside community members of Freetown, Grand Bahama Islands to document the life and history of people whose ancestors were emancipated from captured slave ships.

The image came from a discussion about palm plaiting.  The process includes soaking palm fiber in sea water, cutting and braiding (plaiting) it into long flat strips.  The strips are sewn together to make hats, bags and mats.  Rolls of strips are also sold to others for ‘pin’ money.  A ‘plaitter’ told me she loved to plait palm because she could daydream while she worked and no one would bother her.


Palm Plait Dreaming – detail


Palm Plait Dreaming – detail 2


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