I am an African-American fiber artist living in Shanghai, China. I make art quilts and fabric sculptures using my own hand-dyed and printed fabric, drawings and photographs to create stories and images.

Jan 292016

Here are a few photos from the fabulous sale at the Gite Gallery the weekend before Christmas.  Met many wonderful people and had great sales!

Every sale event teaches me about what work speaks to people, sizes and price points.  I like to think of a sales event as an opportunity to study and interact with art lovers.


Lloyd Gite and Trena Acker-Williams at the Gite Gallery hung my work for the weekend before Christmas in two rooms of the Gallery, as well as laid out on a couch and table in the main room.  The response was tremendous – 8 quilts and 9 small pieces/quilted journal books in 3 days.

I very much enjoyed meeting art enthusiasts, quilters, and artists.  The Gite Gallery is a beautiful space with kind, interesting people, good food and conversation.  Stop by if you live in Houston or just visiting.


Our first sale!  I learned that framed work has a distinct appeal to collectors.  The next show (probably in April) will feature more “Ready to hang” work.


Dec 222015

I have a new method of self expression – Clay sculptures to sew into art quilts.


As with most art techniques, the difficulty of production is hidden within the lovely examples we look at without knowledge!

I have ceramic artists in my family.  I pay attention when looking at others’ work – beautiful lines, eye catching glazes, intriguing  design.  I had the thought to add a few pieces to my inventory – put holes in them to facilitate sewing onto quilts.  Can’t be that hard, right?  WRONG!  It was VERY hard!  Mesmerizing.  Sleep lost but new art made.

DSC_0028 DSC_0027 DSC_0026 DSC_0016

I am extremely grateful to Foelber Pottery on Richmond Ave in Houston, for their amazing studio and the teaching artists who oversaw my work without overshadowing my vision.  Foelber’s felt very much the artists’ home.  I learned so much – Thank you, Judy and Rita!


Dec 132015

Rest Here Now

Rest Here Now, Bahama Series, 2009

Dimensions: 24″ W x 30″ L

Artist dyed and printed cotton, linen.  Machine quilted, hand beaded and embellished.


Rest Here Now, detail

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Dec 062015



Under the Arbor, 2013

Dimensions: 20″ W x 31″ L

Artist dyed cotton fabric, machine quilted, hand beading embellishment

This piece includes a photo of my paternal grandmother, Jessie C. Austin, at around 16 years old.  You can see the original picture here


Under the Arbor, detail


Palm Plait Dreaming

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Nov 202015



Palm Plait Dreaming, 2009

Dimensions: 22″ W x 32″L

Artist dyed and rusted fabric, Peruvian cotton, antique napkin, Bahamian palm plait.  Machine quilted.

This piece is from the Collection “Half the story has never been told” that I made during a year long project making art quilts alongside community members of Freetown, Grand Bahama Islands to document the life and history of people whose ancestors were emancipated from captured slave ships.

The image came from a discussion about palm plaiting.  The process includes soaking palm fiber in sea water, cutting and braiding (plaiting) it into long flat strips.  The strips are sewn together to make hats, bags and mats.  Rolls of strips are also sold to others for ‘pin’ money.  A ‘plaitter’ told me she loved to plait palm because she could daydream while she worked and no one would bother her.


Palm Plait Dreaming – detail


Palm Plait Dreaming – detail 2


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Artistic Eye – Journal Cover

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Nov 202015


Artistic Eye, 2015

Dimensions 8″L x 16″W

Artist dyed, discharged and printed fabric, machine quilt drawing and hand beading.

This piece doubles as a book cover.  The flat ceramic bead at the right is a button that holds the cover closed over a black hardback journal.  The journal could be replaced after use, or the piece is easily removed (velcro holds it in place) and framed.

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Contemplation Series IV: Jewels

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Nov 162015


Contemplation Series IV: Jewels, 2015

Artist dyed fabric using cyanoprinting, indigo reduction, fiber reactive processes.  Machine quilt drawing and hand beading

Dimensions: 37″W x 30″L


Contemplation Series IV: Jewels – detail


Contemplation Series IV: Jewels – detail

Contemplation Series: Faded Blue

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Nov 112015


Contemplation Series : Faded Blue 5 colors, 2015

Dimensions: 43″ W x 23″L

Artist dyed cotton, cyanotype printing, hand and machine quilting, hand embroidery and beading.


fadedblue det1

Faded Blue – detail


Faded Blue – Detail


The above photo is Faded Blue before it faded.  In a late night rush to wash the piece because of a stain, I forgot that cyanoprint must not be washed with SOAP or the color fades.  The result was an accident.

My first thought was to cut it up and throw it away.  Cooler heads prevailed.  (Thank you, family!) I remedied the accident with quilt drawing each of the figures, giving them distinct faces and expressions.  Some accidents result in good art.

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